About Us

“OKB Spectr” company was created in 1989 on the basis of Spectral Instrument Design Department of LOMO Joint Venture – the largest in the country and world-known optical-and-mechanical enterprise. Our primary field is spectral instrument making. Over the time of its existence, OKB Spektr has covered the distance from development and manufacture of separate electronic units to autonomous design and production of complete spectral instruments.

Since 2003, design, production and servicing of the spectral instruments, formerly manufactured by LOMO – MFS-7, MFS-8, DFS-51 emission spectrometers, SF-56 spectrophotometer, MDR-41 monochromator – has been fully transferred to OKB Spektr. Today we combine the latest technological achievements with the trusted solutions and produce brand-new modifications of MFS and DFS spectrometers (MFS-12, DFS-71, DFS-500).

One of the most important areas of the company’s activity is development of new equipment. Besides continuous improvement of currently manufactured devices and design of new spectral instruments, we also participate in several projects of LOMO Joint Venture in microscopy, aerodrome meteorological equipment, etc.

Now, despite a relatively small body of employees, OKB Spectr produces a wide range of spectral equipment for various analytical applications in science, industry, criminalistics, medicine, ecology, and other fields. In doing this, we are not just selling serially produced instruments, but customize our products in order to meet the most specific requirements of our customers.

Essential part of our activity is retrofitting of instruments of the past years . By fitting the instrument that was produced 15-20 years ago with modern electronic equipment and software, the customer obtains a modern device capable of solving up-to-date analytical problems.