Emission Spectrometers

Multi-channel optical emission spectrometers – indispensable tool of factory laboratories of metallurgical and machinery plants, overhaul and transportation companies. These instruments are beyond all comparison in express analysis of metals and alloys, aluminum oxides, soils and other materials; they are used for determination of foreign metals in motor and transmission oils in engines wear off monitoring.

We have more then 50 years experience in atomic emission spectrometers manufacturing, which dates back to the early instruments of LOMO (well known MFS and DFS series). Since 2003, LOMO has officially transferred to our company exclusive license for production, repair and maintenance of emission spectrometers. Today we combine the latest technological achievements with the trusted solutions and produce brand-new modifications of MFS and DFS spectrometers.

Along with the support of earlier manufactured instruments, we have developed and launched production of new DFS-71 spectrometer, as a replacement for well proven DFS-51 spectrometer. Now, more than (70) seventy DFS-71 are successfully operating in plants of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the Republic of Belarus.

In 2008 we have developed and started serial production of compact stationary spectrometers based on CCD detector technology with 500 mm Rowland circle. We offer tthree basic modifications:

  • DFS-500 (with argon purge) for ferrous and non-ferrous metal analysis, including S, P, C determination.
  • MFS-12 (with discharge in ambient air) for elemental analysis of metals, powders, solutions, etc. This spectrometer is designed to replace widely used MFS-8.
  • MFS-11 for the motor and transmission oils analysis on deterioration products of engines and other mechanisms in process of their operation.

Continuous registration of the spectrum in these instruments ensures unparalleled flexibility, stability and low operation costs.

We also perform service, repair and retrofitting of optical emission spectrometers of the past years. Replacement of outdated electronics and excitation source with our computer-controlled units – is the cheapest way to get an up-to-date analytical instrument.

For those, who have spectrographs with photographic registration, we can offer a CCD-based device FEP-10, which is installed instead of photographic plate and allows to record and digitalize the spectrum. The CCD registration is controlled by user-friendly WinCCD software, which has numerous tools for elemental analysis and spectral data manipulation.

Today more then 1000 optical emission spectrometers are equipped with our electronics and software.