Optical emission spectrometer DFS-500

spectrometer DFS-500

DFS-500 is a modern, compact and reliable instrument for metal analysis. It is a new member in DFS family, which is very well known in Russia and former Soviet republics.

DFS-500 combines the best features of our previous instruments with modern technical solutions. DFS-500 is designed for elemental analysis of both ferrous or non-ferrous metals and alloys, including determination of sulfur, phosphorus and carbon.

DFS-500 Table Version

Novel construction combined with the use of reliable and trusted components ensure excellent accuracy and stability.

That is why DFS-500 is successfully used in metallurgy, foundry and machine industry.

For the convenience of customers spectrometer available in two versions - freestanding (pictured right) and desktop (pictured left).

Optical System

Optical System

Optical system is a well proven 500 mm Paschen-Runge. In order to ensure spatial stability of the spectrum, all the optical elements are installed on a stable platform.

Light detectors

Light detectors are linear CCD arrays, specially mounted without blind zones, allowing to record analytical signals from the entire spectral range. Compared to separate spectral lines measurements using photomultiplier tubes, CCD arrays provide virtually unlimited analytical capabilities for metal and alloy analysis in a single instrument. For short wavelength elements like S, P and C, polychromator is purged with Ar or N2 with average gas consumption 0.05 L/min. In comparison with vacuum design, purged polychromator is cheaper and more lightweight, while it is more reliable and provides similar spectroscopic characteristics of the instrument.

Sample Stand

Sample Stand

Sample stand construction is optimized in order to reduce argon consumption. Absence of the upper housing and convenient sample clamp mechanism make it possible to analyze samples of various shape and size. Special adapters are available for thin rods and wires analysis. Spark chamber cleaning is easy and does not require any disassembling. Closed-cycle water cooling system eliminates any sample stand heating effects.

Excitation Source

Compact computer controlled low voltage spark source. Discharge current amplitude and waveform as well as pulse duration and repetition rate are adjusted in a wide range, what makes it possible to analyze various metals and alloys.

Full computer control of the generator allows to:

  • Chose the optimum excitation parameters.
  • Switch between different discharge modes in a single analytical exposure (one can use up to 5 different modes including High Energy PreSparking).
  • Use programmable current peak at the discharge front.
  • Automatically set up generator parameters for every analytical program.

All these features improve accuracy and precision of the analysis and advance performance of the spectrometer.

Readout System

Readout system provides spectrometer control, testing and analytical signals measurements. In our spectrometers we use the most recent electronic components, thus reducing size, power consumption and heating. Due to the high speed USB interface, all the 40000 spectrum data points are transferred to the computer almost instantly.

WinCCD Software

Spectrometer is controlled by personal computer and user friendly WinCCD software. WinCCD allows to get complete control over the spectrometer, perform calibration and analysis without any special training. WinCCD contains numerous functions for spectral data processing as well as analytical tools, previously developed in our WinQuant software.

DFS-500 is an easy to use spectrometer with friendly WinCCD software. Stable optical system, computer controlled excitation source and practically unlimited analytical lines selection provide good precision and long term stability of your measurements.