WinCCD Software

Спектр стандартного образца 154-2 (ВНИИСО) в диапазоне 320-342 нм.
Аналитическая линия титана 337,3 нм в стандартном образце стали 154-2

WinCCD is a powerful software designed for data processing and hardware control in modern atomic emission spectrometers based on multichannel CCD detectors. WinCCD includes numerous spectral data manipulation tools as well as analytical features, previously developed in our WinQuant software. Wide functionality and flexibility make WinCCD an excellent analytical instrument, that allows to perform both qualitative and precise quantitative analysis.

WinCCD is our proprietary software, which runs on Windows 98 and more recent versions. It is continuously improved and modified, new functions are added in order to meet our customer’s requirements. WinCCD allows autonomous operation, what is very useful for data post processing. It contains extensive spectral lines database and numerous sample spectra.

WinCCD software allows to:

  • Register emission spectra in the full spectral range of the spectrometer.
  • Perform qualitative analysis of unknown samples.
  • Choose the most suitable analytical and reference lines.
  • Take into account spectral interference with the background and nearby lines.
  • Make calibration curves in normal and log scale, taking into account inter-element interference effects and base concentration depletion in high-alloys.

The distinguishing features of WinCCD are:

  • Friendly and simple interface, that makes it possible to work with the program without any special training.
  • Possibility to use several spectral lines for single element measurements with automatic switching from one line to another.
  • Several calibration curves correction algorithms, so user can choose the most suitable one.
  • Automatic control of analytical line position and automatic spectral recalibration (if necessary).