Equipment for Metallography

Metallographic microscopes, microhardness testers, and microinterferometers are instruments for studying microstructure of parts, determining their hardness and roughness. The instruments are utilized in metallographic laboratories, scientific research institutes, and enterprises of metallurgical, microelectronic and machine-building industry.

All the microscopes are capable of being equipped with digital video camera based visualization means.

METAM series metallographic microscopes are intended for visual examination and photography of microstructure of metals, alloys and other non-transparent objects in reflected light with perpendicular bright-field and dark-field illumination, as well as for studying objects in polarized light and studying by differential interference-contrast illumination method.

The microscopes are available in two versions: laboratory (METAM LV) and operational (METAM RV).

Different assembly options allow the customers to choose the microscope model in accordance with the specific character of application.

Reticles and graticules included into the microscope set ensure quantitative assessment of object microstructure according to the rating scales.

PMT-3M microhardness tester is designed for measuring hardness of various materials including thin films.

MII-4M microinterferometer is intended for measuring roughness parameters of surfaces, and thickness of films by fringe pattern examination.