METAM LV Metallographic Inverted Microscope

METAM LV Metallographic Inverted MicroscopeThe microscope is utilized in metallographic laboratories, scientific research institutes, and enterprises of metallurgical, microelectronic and machine-building industry. The microscopes allow observation of the object image in the display screen as well as its photographing.

METAM LV microscope is characterized by employing advanced reflexless planoapochromatic objectives having a super-wide field of view without edge chromatic coloration, and wide-angle eyepieces, which allows achieving high contrast of images of the objects under study.

METAM LV microscopes is a new generation of metallographic inverted microscopes intended for studying and photographing microstructure of metals, alloys and other non-transparent objects in reflected light with perpendicular and oblique bright-field illumination, dark-field illumination, in polarized light and by differential interference-contrast (DIC) illumination method.

Usage of raster-type illumination system increases uniformity of object illumination.

Parameter Specifications
Magnification, 50-1500
Planoachromatic objectives, mm* 5x/0.17; 10x/0.28; 20x/0.50, 50x/0.85; 100x/0.95; 100x/1.32 MI (is included in METAM LV package); 100/1.32 MI/0.2 (on request)
Length of draw tube Infinity
Linear field in the plane of image, mm20
Wide-angle eyepieces, mm** 10/18 and 15/12
DIC prisms for objectives (5,10) and (20,50)
Stage dimensions, mm 190x200
Display screen (Fresnel lens), mm90x120
Film and photoplate photorgraphy, frame dimensions, mm 24x36 and 90x120
Microscope dimensions, mm470x410x390
Mass, kg 25

* - magnification / numerical aperture
** - magnification / linear field

Delivery package: set of graticules for determination of size, area of individual structural components, length of grain boundary lines and phase interface lines, as well as their classification according to areas, diameters, sizes, etc.