MII-4M Microinterferometer

MII-4M Microinterferometer This is a non-contact optical device intended for measuring roughness parameters of polished and finished surfaces, as well as for measuring thickness of films (height of steps formed by the film edge and the substrate).

Fringe pattern can be observed both in white and monochromatic light, and film-photographed by the photo camera included into the delivery package of the microinterferometer.

The microinterferometer allows making measurements with eyepiece screw micrometer MOV or eyepiece photoelectric micrometer FOM with automatic measurement data processing.

Using the microinterferometer in conjunction with the eyepiece photoelectric micrometer allows double increase in accuracy of roughness parameter measurements, and (10-15)-fold increase in measuring productivity rate, considerably reducing operator’s workload.

The microinterferometer is used in machinery-building industry and in laboratories of scientific research institutes dealing with studying quality of surfaces.

  • Stability of fringe pattern.
  • High sensitivity of interference method.
  • Mechanical rigidity and resistance to external vibrations.


  • Range of measurement of roughness parameters Rmax, Rz, and thickness of films – 0.1–0.8.
  • Magnification in visual examination, x – 500.
  • Object domain linear field, mm – 0.3.
  • Microinterferometer dimensions, mm – 300x300x420.
  • Mass, kg – 30.