PMT-3M Microhardness Tester

PMT-3M Microhardness TesterPMT-3M microhardness tester is designed for measuring microindentation hardness of materials, alloys, glass, ceramics and minerals by impression of a square-based pyramidal-shaped diamond Vickers indenter into the surface of the test specimen, ensuring a geometric and mechanical similarity of impressions with the indenter penetration under load.

PMT-3M microhardness tester has an expanded range of application due to usage of additional replaceable indenters:

  • rhombohedral-shaped Knoop diamond pyramid for measuring microhardness of thin layers and super brittle materials;
  • triangular Berkovich pyramid for measuring microhardness of very hard objects.

Load control – manual.

The microscope of the microhardness tester allows examination of the test specimen with bright-field and dark-field illumination


  • Load range, N: from 0.0196 to 4.9
  • Load range, kg: from 0.002 to 0.500
  • Magnification of the microscope of the microhardness tester: 130, 500, 800
  • Microhardness tester dimensions: not more than 270x290x470
  • Mass, kg: not more than 22.