UV spectrophotometers are instruments with wide range of application for analysis and identification of various substance matter in chemistry, petroleum chemistry, pharmacology, food-manufacturing industry, medicine, biology, etc. A great number of developed methods allow using these instruments for solution of problems of qualitative and quantitative analysis, determination of organic and mineral substance content, immune enzymatic analysis. Spectrophotometers are operated in pharmaceutical industry, sanitary and epidemiological surveillance laboratories, in the laboratories of environmental and process monitoring of different plants, in scientific-research and industrial organizations where they are used for:

  • determination of validity and content of finished medicaments;
  • determination of quality characteristics of outside air;
  • determination of quality characteristics of working air;
  • determination of quality characteristics of industrial emission air;
  • determination of quality characteristics of drinking water;
  • determination of quality characteristics of natural water, sewage water and purified effluents;
  • monitoring of amount of chemical substance in soil;
  • food product quality control;
  • testing of raw materials, pigments, glass, etc.;
  • research work in physics, chemistry, biology, etc.

All the instruments being offered are equipped with modern electronics and IBM compatible computer; they are uncomplicated and friendly in operation.

The spectrophotometers have all the required certificates; they are docketed into the State Registers of Measuring Means of the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine.