SF-56 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

SF-56 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

SF-56 spectrophotometer is a high class instrument keeping the best traditions of LOMO's spectrometry instrumentation engineering at an absolutely new level of automation of operator's operation. Spectral resolution of SF-56 spectrophotometer is unsurpassed among all spectrophotometers being sold in Russia at the price comparable with the price of SF-56. This makes SF-56 spectrophotometer to be the best choice for scientific centers and research laboratories, wherever the primary concern is a high degree of validity of obtained spectral characteristics of the samples under study.

Compact size of SF-56 was achieved due to an innovative optical arrangement, which allows placing the high specification scanning dual-monochromator spectrophotometer on an ordinary laboratory bench. The cover of sample compartment swings by a large angle opening access to the sample compartment. The spectrophotometer is equipped with an automated sample compartment for 6 samples which makes routine measurements quick and convenient. The instrument is completed with four types of sample holders. Such a variety of holders turns sample installation into a nice procedure regardless of what kind of sample is to be installed: from a standard rectangular glass cell (cuvette) to different complicate-shaped samples obtained at a certain stage of technological process.

As all high specification instruments, SF-56 operates under a PC control. In contrast to any built-in input and display system, no matter how perfect it is, a controlling computer ensures a full freedom and convenience in selection of measurement parameters and procedures for processing of the data obtained. Additionally, reading information from a large PC's display is a much more pleasant job than from any integrated display. Using a computer as a controlling system considerably facilitates the procedure of data transfer into dedicated data processing software packages.

Main modes of operation of the spectrophotometer:

  • automatic single and multiple measuring of one or several samples at operator set wavelenghts;
  • scanning set ranges of spectrum;
  • conducting kinetic measurements;
  • determining concentrations;
  • mathematic processing of measurement data including determination of speed of reactions, and calculation of color characteristic of the objects under study.

The SF-56's software having a simple user interface, ensures a rapid automatic mode operation for an inexperienced user, and a complete control over all spectrophotometer capacity for research scientists.

Our customers

Among the buyers of SF-56 spectrophotometers are: "Nizhnekamskneftekhim" INC (Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan Republic), CJSC “Tarkett” (Otradny, Samara Region), “Irkutsky aircraft manufacturing plant” (Irkutsk), etc., as well as scientific and educational centers, such as Russian Federal Nuclear Center - The All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region), Institute of Microbiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), Saint-Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy, Institute of Silicate Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences (Saint-Petersburg).


The instrument has a full yearly warranty, but after the warranty period completion you are always welcome to call us for assistance. We are interested in effective utilization of our spectrophotometers, therefore we offer you our service in installation and instrument operation training directly on your premises. This will allow you to reduce the time of your employees’ adaptation to a new spectrophotometer, evaluate and start active using its extended capabilities from the first day of its operation.

If you decide to control SF-56 spectrophotometer using a new computer, you may order it in our company. The computers supplied by our company pass careful testing as a part of spectrophotometric system. Having even a basic configuration, such computer will ensure not only a comfortable spectrophotometer operation, but keeping a laboratory register in electronic format, mathematic data processing, preparation of industrial reports, and much more.